Payment term

Payment in cash upon receipt
Cash payment is possible when choosing a courier delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Payment by card upon receipt

Payment by card is possible at the choice of courier delivery across Moscow and the Moscow region

Payment to Sberbank card

This payment method is convenient for holders of Sberbank Bank cards. When ordering, select the payment method "Payment to Sberbank card". You will receive an e-mail with the order amount and the number of the Sberbank card to which you need to transfer the order amount. You can make a payment in the following ways:
1. In any branch of Sberbank through the operating cash Desk.
2. Via ATM of Sberbank in the presence of the Bank card of SBERBANKA. Attention! Please note that there is a fee for transfers made through ATMs or cards from other banks.
3. Transfer of funds through Sberbank Online.

Bank transfer

Payment by Bank transfer is available for individuals and legal entities For payment by Bank transfer, send a request with Your contact information (a card) e-mail store In response to the letter we'll send a personal invoice for payment in Your name or organization.

Bank card online

You can pay by credit card VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, MIR at checkout. Credit and debit cards from any Bank are accepted.